Who we are / Profile

Our origins are strictly linked with a multi-centenary history and tradition of a great family and a well-known name in the world of Italian cured meats. It was in the middle of XIX century that the deep experience and workmanship of Montorsi in the art of butchering and in the cure of pork meat started. At the beginning it was a family business based on traditional tools and techniques, then, in the following years, there was a huge growth in the activities, in the sales area- before- and in the industrial area – after, always supported by the costumers approval.

pie D’Autore founds his origin in this prestigious past, renewed in the present, but still close to the same expertise and devotion to duty of the founders.

Today D’Autore collects different slicing lines: one of them in clean room ISO 5 and five lines in clean room ISO 7. Each one is equipped with the latest generation of slicing machines, automatic loading carousels, thermoforming machines, labelling machines in line, weight control apparel, metal detectors, controlling machines supported by the use of cameras in the final stage of the product and short run automatic system of packaging.
Dedicated computers for each slicing line assure the control, the management of the processing cycle, the expire date and the traceability of any lot of product.

D’Autore in 2007 sold 1.399 tons of products, with an increase of turnover of about 30% compared with the last year. The turnover amount is divided as follows: 65% belongs to the Italian market and the 35% to the foreign one.